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Web might not be ready... but...

... it's far less frustrating to use than the application.

September 26, 2017



I have not used the app, but I have heard some stories, and I am glad I do it on the web.


One bonus about it not being "ready" is that it's still on the old site code. This hopefully means it won't get afflicted with that painful new look for lessons currently being pushed out on web... ^^


Have you not been having issues with it rejecting sentences because you use kanji for words the app teaches kana for?


Yeah. When I first started doing this course on web back in April, most of my answers were rejected if I used kanji in that circumstance.

However, each time a sentence is rejected and I know that the kanji definitely should have been correct, then I simply report it. They've gradually been adding many kanji alternatives as accepted answers. This issue has certainly improved a lot these last five months.

Now, much of the time I can go completely all out with kanji and it accepts the answer I type. Here's an example from the 6th skill in the tree, "Introduction 2":

Source text: Of course I'm fine.
Suggested answer: もちろんげんきです。
My answer: 勿論元気だ。

The suggested answer is also how the answer is displayed in the app. But on web it even accepts me typing that answer above, where I used a rare kanji like 勿 and used だ instead of です. ^^


Given the app sometimes mixes Kanji and Hiragana, both in the hints and in the options, I don't see much difference.


I stopped using the Duo app, I moved to Memrise for the time being until the web version is ready :)


I only use the app (cuz I only use duoling for japanese)... is it really that bad?

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