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I don't like this new layout of Duolingo

I don't like this new layout of Duolingo

September 26, 2017



Yeah I don't like it either you cant see your notifications on lessons


for me it might take a little to get used to it but there's a couple of things I miss from the old version.


....still looks "Free" to me.


Yep. Now it looks more like something that's "free" than it did before. :P


Yup....here's a Lingot to prove it.


I don't like this new layout at all. Now I can't see how many questions I have left to do in an exercise and it's so big and in your face, but the corrections at the bottom have become smaller. It's really annoying and it looked so much better and neater before; now it just looks like a simple page with no colour- basically nothing at all.


But during a quiz, there is no more select with those drop box things, and I hate those. But I still don't like it.

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