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Passive sentences in the imperfect tense

How do you form passive sentences in the imperfect tense? I found out from someone I know, who is a French teacher, that it is the same as normal/active, but do you need to put "par" ("by") after it? e.g. "The bread was eaten by the woman" Is it "le pain mangeait la femme" or "le pain mangeait par la femme", or something completely different? Thanks :)

September 26, 2017



I would have said « le pain etait mangé par la femme ». Your first sentence actually translates to ''the bread was eating the woman''. That said, « etait/avait » can only follow the past... « etait manger/mangant » for ''was eating'' is of course, a never. To say ''the woman was eating the bread'', we'd say « la femme mangeait le pain ».


Thank you for your help! The first sentence is why I thought that you would need "par" after the verb because it doesn't make any sense :)

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