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Anyone else getting no response from the new 'Achievements' ?

Having noticed the new Achievements on Tues evening, I did 2 more lessons just before midnight which took me to well over 100 XP for Tuesday (ie, the current targets for my Triple Digits and Nocturnal achievements), and then 6 lessons since midnight (Early Riser) but no achievements have been logged by Duo.

The XP have been logged as usual, so i dont understand why the achievements have logged nothing.

Also, am not sure how I'm going to convince Duo that I've achieved >10% when Duo already knows am at 65% in French, 52% in German, and also 32% in German via French.

So, these new "achievement" targets are not helping.

September 26, 2017



Are these 'achievements' on the app? If so, which one?


They are on the app on my Samsung tablet, but no sign of them on the webpage.

The app is about 3 weeks out of date, but these extra achievements arrived yesterday anyway.

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