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  5. "도서관에서 조용히 말해요."

"도서관에서 조용히 말해요."

Translation:Let's speak quietly in the library.

September 26, 2017



I'm not sure how we're supposed to get that "let's" is implied since "요" form is just the simple present.


Actually in 해요체 there is no conjugation distinction between the present forms for the declarative, interrogative, and propositive moods so the propositive mood that implies "let's" is actually an appropriate mood to use when translating (though albeit it's not the only possible mood here).


There's absolutely no reason for this to be "let's"


Let's not. Libraries are not for talking.


it is a form of imperative, but does not include the speaker...

i would translate it as "speak quietly in the library!"


I talked about this sentence with a native speaker, and she said that this is more likely a statement that "(we) speak quietly in the library", or imperative as you said, but in this case, an exclamation mark has to follow.


Shouldn't 말하다 and 얘기하다 be used interchangably? I'm just curious, because I usually use 말하다 when I talk to Koreans. And they didn't say I was wrong... Please correct me.


Hello! Does anyone know whether "조용하게" fits here instead of "조용히"? What's the difference? 감사합니다


They're basically the same. A quick search on Naver reveals many many more examples of 조용히 than 조용하게 though.


If this is imperative then why doesn't it end in 하세요 or 합시다? I answered "Speaking quietly in the library" and I feel that it should have been correct.


There's a period on the Korean sentence so it must be a complete sentence in English.


On the desktop version, I totally chose "Let's quietly speak in the library." But it complains and says I used the wrong word and it underlined "Let's". wth?!?


It's weird when Duolingo does that. You have to choose from a selection of answers that Duo has given, and you choose the correct one but Duo complains about you leaving a space or making a typo. That's happened to me before!


I said in the library we apeak quietly and got it wrong

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