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How to ask someone to move a tad so I can get through.

Ok so I was wondering if I could say Excuse me as in can I please get through. I was using Entschuldige but I'm not sure if this is correct. In English we use Excuse me to get someone's attention and to try to get past someone in asking them to move a tad.

September 26, 2017



Hi I'd use Entschuldigung = excuse me


doesn't that mean i'm sorry?


Yes, but in this case it is "sorry to disturb you, but I want to pass you". I'd say "Entschuldigung, kann ich mal bitte vorbei?". Using "Entschuldigung" you also skip around the question of whether using formal or informal form (Entschuldige/entschuldigen Sie)


Its the same in norwegian too, You would say Unnskyld but the actual meaning is sorry or pardon.


i downvoted myself for my stupidity. i should know this! ;)


I upvoted you because nobody is perfect. Good to know we all can learn something new here


Just say Entschuldigung


And depending on the person's status, there is a formal and informal way to say "excuse me". The German way to say it is, Entschuldigung(informal) and Entschuldigen Sie(formal). Hope this helps!


Entschuldigung, könnten Sie bitte einen Schritt zur Seite gehen, damit ich durch kann?

Entschuldigung, könnten Sie mich bitte durchlassen / vorbeilassen?

Entschuldigung, Ihnen ist gerade das Portemonnaie runtergefallen!

As the last example shows, I'd also use Entschuldigung as a way to get someone's attention even in a case where you are not asking them to do something ("You just dropped your wallet!").


So what's the difference between Entschuldigung and Entschuldige? Can Entschuldigung mean please squizy over and Entschuldige can't mean that? Or are they interchangeable?


Entschuldige! is the command form of the verb entschuldigen "to excuse, forgive, pardon" -- but it's the command form for du.

For ihr (when you are speaking to several people whom you know well) it would be Entschuldigt! and for Sie (one or more strangers) it would be Entschuldigen Sie!.

Entschuldigung is a noun meaning "forgiveness, pardon" and in this expression is probably short for Ich bitte um Entschuldigung "I ask for forgiveness; I beg your pardon".

Just the command on its own may be a bit rude without bitte.

If you're trying to go through or for catching someone's attention, you could use Entschuldigen Sie mich bitte (Forgive me, please) -- but Entschuldigung is shorter and probably more common.

But if you did something bad to a friend and the other person lets you know, you might say, Entschuldige, bitte. (I'm sorry; please forgive me). I'm not sure how to explain the use of this well.

If in doubt, using Entschuldigung is probably safer.

That's also the word that children would use when they are told by an adult to "go over and apologise".


rudsh dich bitte :)

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