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  5. "Mji mkubwa"

"Mji mkubwa"

Translation:Big town

September 26, 2017



I put mti mbkuwa and it marked it correct. The audio is not great on this one.


"Big village" marked wrong. Should I report it? Can "mji" not mean "village"?


A "village" is pretty explicitly small, so a "big village" sounds a bit strange.

In any case, Swahili has words that reflect three different sizes of urban areas. The translations I'm giving here are approximate:

kijiji / vijiji "village"
mji / miji "town"
jiji / majiji "city"

So, "big village", forgetting for a moment that it doesn't really make much sense (see below) would probably be kijiji kikubwa.

I guess you could say "big village" to describe a town or a city that has the feel or characteristics of a village (everyone knows everyone, etc.), but I really don't know if that would be idiomatic in Swahili.


There's a figure of speech called oxymoron, in which two words or phrases with opposing meanings are used together intentionally for effect. Some usage notes in the Wiktionary entry.


Big city also wrong! Why??


Megacity should be accepted


Shouldn't this be 'Mji kubwa/nkubwa', considering the noun is an object and not a living thing?


Is the "m" of "mji" pronounced like "um"?

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