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Everyone loves Duolingo right? I think they should have a leader board of points of people whether you friends with them or not. It gets a lot of people motivated to be at the top. Also, there needs to be more ways to get and use lingots.

September 27, 2017



I really like your overall leaderboard idea, it's one I haven't seen yet. I don't think that we need more ways to get lingots, because there are a lot of people (including me) who have literally hundred or thousands of lingots and nothing to do with them.


We don't need more ways to earn lingots, we need more ways to spend 'em.


Exactly! I wish that there were more bonus skills and slots for them. There's so many good ideas for stuff in the lingot store, and I really hope Duolingo decides to add some.


An overall leaderboard would just highlight the very thin slice of users who are (1) doing a large number of course quiz-outs in a short period of time (2) cheating by scripting. Even if those were somehow excluded, I don't know how motivating it would be to the average user to see that there are users who each and every day legitimately rack up more XP than they earn in a month. People don't tend to respond all that well to manifest inequality.


Interesting idea. An overall highest xp board for, say, the top ten users. It would encourage me to get more xp.


good idea; i'd support everyone else whilst knowing i'll never get to the top lol. I support it!!


Maybe lingots can be spent on ad-free months, or cool backgrounds for the app. I would earn and spend lingots for that.


Also, there needs to be more ways to get ....... lingots

The easiest way to get lingots in Duolingo is "keeping your streak".
For a streak of 400 days you will receive more than 40 lingots per 10 days!


Completely unrealistic because of botting and cheating.


I like the idea because I could just scan the people at the top and locate all of the scripting accounts with ease :D


How would you know which accounts are botting? Some people are insanely good at Duo.


Being good at Duolingo doesn't cause the kinds of quirks their scripting does. I have a moderator tool that allows me to spot it if I look for it.


Yeet. You got my support

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