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"Will you go anywhere tonight?"

Translation:Ти куди-небудь будеш іти сьогодні увечері?

September 27, 2017



Is "sohodni" actually required here?


When speaking, no. If I say "Ти куди-небудь будеш іти ввечері?" it implies "сьогодні ввечері". But that sentence would translate to "Will you go anywhere at night?" which has the same situation in English: it implies "tonight" even thought it doesn't stay that it's the same day. So in this particular exercise I'd say it's required.


"Чи ти ідеж десь нині ввечорі?" is how we say it at home.


Wooow, cool! Technically it's quite incorrect grammar, according to standard rules (of course, spoken language doesn't care about that at all). Десь/де-небудь etc. is used only for "де" sentences/questions, and кудись/куди-небудь for "куди". Іти/ідеш in this case refers to "куди?", "where to?" rather than "where", so using десь is incorrect. "Ввечорі" is a non-standard spelling/pronunciation. Нині is perfectly fine, but means "now", so doesn't work because "нині ввечері" sounds like "now tonight".

Again, this is a fine colloquial regional phrase, but I think adding it to Duo would be too much, they try to stick to standard textbook rules, too much colloquialism is confusing for learning.


Besides, "ідеж" -- is a mistake. Right is "їдеш"


Very interesting. I certainly grew up saying "нині вечір" as well. I didn't realize that "нині" means "now" in literary Ukrainian, not "today".


I simply swapped "today" and "evening" and was marked incorrect. Would this be unnatural or incorrect in ukrainian?

"Ти куди-небудь будеш іти увечері сьогодні"


Is the сьогодні really necessary in this sentence?


In Ukrainian we don't have a word for "tonight", instead we say "today night" - "сьогодні ввечері". If you drop "сьогодні", it will simply mean "in the evening" (in general) not "this evening/tonight".


Is it appropriate to replace "куди-небудь" with "де-небудь", if the question was something like: "Ти де-небудь будеш іти у паркі сьогодні увечері?"


No, it doesn't work like that. "Куди-небудь" is used in the sense of "where to", when there's a direction; and "де-небудь" is used in the sense of "where at", a location.

Also, you added "у парку" which wasn't there :)


If you are asking someone are you going anywhere or are you going somewhere you are asking them what place they are going to You are not asking what direction they are going to go in. The answers given do not make any sense in this unit. I hope someone can explain why Ukrainian has the use of these words backwards compared to English usage.


What's wrong with де-небуть here?


Just curious as to why "ти будеш іти куди-небудь сьогодні увечері" isn't correct. I am probably thinking too english.


Should this sentence not be де-небудь since they are asking about going someplace?

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