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Duolingo on computer

Something has gone very, very wrong with Duolingo on my computer. It looks awkward and barren, as if someone accidentally deleted a style sheet, and when I'm doing the speaking exercises, the record button has a blank bit in the middle, as if someone deleted the on-click record icon.

The android interface still looks fine.

September 27, 2017



I'm thinking you got the latest update for Duolingo. It's been rolling out to a few people, and will continue till it reaches everyone. I saw the update, and yes, it looks pretty barren.


If you want Korean, Japanese, and/or Chinese on desktop, this is a necessary step.


I don't mind them updating the website; the fact that elements like button graphics seem to have been forgotten....looks bad. Granted, it's free, and the functionality still works. I wanted to alert them that things look wonky.


I don't do speaking exercises, so I don't recognize your example of the record button, but I bet it has to do with this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24513744 "A New Look for Lessons on the Website".


What browser are you using? Duo is built for Chrome, and can sometimes glitch out on other browsers.


Chrome. It's the new website - they've forgotten some things yet, I think.


Try downloading the latest update for Chrome

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