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"Who is a Jack of all trades here?"

Translation:Хто тут майстер на всі руки?

September 27, 2017



Привіт. I was asked to type in Ukrainian, the keyboard switched to Ukrainian, however, the letter guide that used to pop up with the foreign language keyboards did not appear. It really was impossible to try to check the location of each letter to even try to type out the sentence in Ukrainian. Anyone know what happened to the helpful letter guide for foreign language keyboards in Duo? Thank you.


Interesting, I don't know what the reason might be. These kind of things are usually not controlled by the course developers but rather by Duolingo itself. If it doesn't appear in some time which would mean it wasn't a temporary glitch, I will ask the rest of the team. What do you think?


привіт. Thank you. I will try to adjust settings on my Duokeyboard options and restart DuoLingo. Maybe that will help.

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