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  5. "What do you eat fish with?"

"What do you eat fish with?"

Translation:З чим ви їсте рибу?

September 27, 2017



What a strange English frase! Why not "with fish", but "fish with"?


Hm so in Ukrainian there are definitely two different questions: "Що ви їсте з рибою?" and "З чим ви їсте рибу?". To me it looks like the first one is "What do you eat with fish?" and the second one is "What do you eat fish with?" or "With what do you eat fish?"

I might be wrong and it could be that these two sentences mean the same thing, but at least in my Ukrainian mind the sound different :D


Shouldn't Duolingo accept "З чим їсте ви рибу?" I've reported it.


It sounds quite unnatural to me.... I wouldn't say it. It sounds like an excerpt from an old poem :)


Your frase is not common


In this particular sentence, no. The word з always takes the Instrumental case e.g. з котом, з мамою, з ким, з ним.

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