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  5. "I do not see you."

"I do not see you."

Translation:Nevidím vás.

September 27, 2017



What is wrong with tě nevidím?


The word "tě" must go in the second position. So either of the following:
1. Já tě nevidím
2. Nevidím tě


Děkuji, thank you so much for your time and clarification. A lingot for you :-)


why not "tebe"?


Tebe is possible, but it is used in those positions where you do not use . E.g., Tebe nevidím. is fine.

Nevidím tebe. would require strong stress on tebe. and would mean "It is YOU whom I do not see.".


My answer was "nevidím tebe" too. I think it should be accepted, because it's grammaticaly correct and there is no given context for this sentence.


I thought the same, at first. Then I came here to read the comments and remembered about the different forms and the nuances they bring. Having this marked wrong made me revise and understand better what is going on.

I think it is a good thing the form is not accepted, but instead explained here. The way duolingo teaches is somewhat limited and a good comment section is where it really shines.


I had: "i do not see you" Translation options" Nevidim tě Nevidim vaš

How to decide?! Im english both is you


vaš is not a Czech word

Both "Nevidím vás." and "Nevidím tě." are accepted here.

I think we need more information from you.


Typo. I updated it


I do not see any update. For vás vs. tě: One is formal singular or plural, the other informal singular, as always.

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