Tree 2.0?

What ever happened to Tree 2.0 for Esperanto? I know it's been mentioned for a while and was wondering if there was any word as to when it might (finally) be released. I saw version 2.0 show up for the Spanish tree a while ago and the Welsh tree today. Any updates on when we might see Esperanto 2.0?

September 27, 2017


It is finished, Chuck Smith said it in the last edition of Kontakto. It is Duolingo's team job now to start testing it to a group of users, but no one knows when Duolingo will do it.

Can we access that quote from the link you sent? Or is it only accessible in the physical magazine? Im so ready for tree 2.0!

Yes, you have to pay to access the magazine online or physical, but I can do a citation:

> Pri la kurso por la angla, ni ĵus finkreis la duan version de la kurso (kun ĉiuj frazoj kontrolitaj de la Akademio de Esperanto) kaj atendas voĉregistradon kaj finan testadon. Verŝajne ĝis ĉi tiu artikolo estas en la manoj de la legantoj, ni jam lanĉis ĝin.

For those still on their journey:

> Regarding the English course, we just finished making version 2.0 (with all sentences checked by the Esperanto Academy) and are awaiting voice-registering (?) and final testing. It's looking like we'll have already launched it by the time this article is in readers' hands.

I would guess that in this context, the vočregistrado refers to making recordings of the sentences that are new.

Sounds like it's going to be great, I hope Duolingo won't delay it too much longer.

Awesome! Thanks for the citation.

Oh man, this is super exciting news!

I might be using it? Everything looks updated / different from two days ago.

How can I tell if I am using 2.0?

If you suddenly have a bunch of new lessons, or your tree's suddenly only partially completed, then that's tree 2.0. There's also the new lesson style (white background during lessons), as detailed here.

I've got the new lesson style as detailed in the link, but no new lessons and my trees complete and gilded as it was before. Is the new lesson style a sure sign that I'm using Tree 2.0, or could the new lesson style be A/B tested separately from Tree 2.0?

I think the new lesson design is slowly appearing for everyone. I have that as well as Welsh tree 2.0 (also in A/B testing), but no Esperanto 2.0 yet. (Which I'm really looking forward to! Hopefully it moves through the testing phase reasonably quickly.) Also, I think all the A/B testing features are separate from each other--so since Welsh and Esperanto are both in beta testing, there's probably people doing both courses that could have any combination of trees: both old, one 2.0 and one old, or both 2.0.

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