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"Who put the cutting board in the oven?"

Translation:누가 도마를 오븐에 넣었어?

September 27, 2017



누가 오븐에 도마를 넣었어? Works too


I put 넣었어요 and it wasn't accepted. Shouldn't it be right too?


In case anyone is wondering why the hoverable (tappable) translation for "put" is 놓다, but the sentence's translation uses 넣다:

놓다 = to put/to place

넣다 = to put in/to insert

~케이크를 오븐에 넣으세요.

~Put the cake in the oven (please).

~책상 위에 책을 놓으세요.

~Put the book on (top of) the desk (please).

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