"That is a house."

Translation:저것은 집입니다.

September 27, 2017

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I picked 그것 instead of 그것은 and it said i was correct but had a typo. What's the difference?


은 or 는 is used to mark the subject of a sentence. The rule to using it is like a or an in english. Do you have a consonent?


-는/은 is the topic marker; -가/이 is the subject marker. The topic is what the sentence is about, not necessarily the noun phrase that controls the conjugation and meaning of the verb, which is the subject.


Why is it 저것은 instead of 그것은?


When do I use 저, 그, and 이 vs 저것, 그것, and 이것? I thought I understood but I don't...


i think 이, 그, and 저 are the equivalent is 'this, that, that over there', and they're usually used in conjunction with a noun, and 이것, 그것, and 저것 are 'this is, that is, that over there is'! https://korean.stackexchange.com/questions/3425/whats-the-difference-between-이-and-이거?rq=1 has a good example!!


why is 저것 and not 저?


Because 저것 is the demonstrative pronoun, which can serve as the subject or topic of a sentence; 저 is the demonstrative determiner, which can only modify a noun.


What is the difference between 그 and 그것


그 is a demonstrative determiner and therefore can only modify a noun. 그것 is a demonstrative pronoun, which can be the subject or topic of a sentence.


why 입니다 is here?


It needs a verb and that means "is" in this instance. Look up an explanation of 이다 if you need more help


does 그거 집이에요 mean the same thing?


I think you should add a subject marking particle to "그거" because I don't know if Duolingo will take an answer without it. I believe "이에요" is the Informal High Respect, Present Tense Conjugation of "이다" and should be accepted.


Chenji 저것 그것


I thought it was 첸지의 그것 저곳


Can anybody help me understand the ways in which "그것은 집이 있습니다" is wrong? Clearly 있습니다 isnt a correct ending for the sentence but I dont get why


있다 is not the copula (which equates two noun phrases) -- it's the existential verb. It tells you what exists, and also what is owned (by 'existing' for someone or in a place). Your sentence therefore means "That has a house." 이다 is the copula 'be'.


I thought 집입니다 would mean, I'm a house.


No, if it's ''jeoneun jib imnida'' Then it would be''I am a house'' But it's''jogeot eun jib imnida'' So it means''That's a house'' Hope it helps you!


No, if it's ''jeoneun jib imnida'' then it would be I am a house But it's ''jeo geot eun jib imnida'' It means ''that's a house'' Hope It will help you!

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