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  5. "That is a house."

"That is a house."

Translation:저것은 집입니다.

September 27, 2017



I think if they want to differentiate between jeo and geu they need to add "that OVER THERE" for jeo because I answered with geu geot which is technically correct. And a topic marker isn't always necessary in speech so it can be confusing for such a context based language to not have any context.


I picked 그것 instead of 그것은 and it said i was correct but had a typo. What's the difference?


은 or 는 is used to mark the subject of a sentence. The rule to using it is like a or an in english. Do you have a consonent?


Why is it 저것은 instead of 그것은?


why 입니다 is here?


It needs a verb and that means "is" in this instance. Look up an explanation of 이다 if you need more help


does 그거 집이에요 mean the same thing?


I think you should add a subject marking particle to "그거" because I don't know if Duolingo will take an answer without it. I believe "이에요" is the Informal High Respect, Present Tense Conjugation of "이다" and should be accepted.

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