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Feeling A/B Tested Out with "Achievements" Changes (Android)

I have seen a couple posts in the past about the "Achievements" feature (Android only) where comments complained that it was too juvenile. I totally disagreed -- I found it really helpful and incentivizing to have something to work towards other than just keep practicing.

Now my "Achievements" have suddenly switched to a different set, and I totally get the critique now. Before, I had achievements like following friends (I'd known my friends used Duolingo but never bothered to connect with them in the app), making it to the top of a club leaderboard, and having all skills golden at once. Now, I have achievements like "equip an outfit" and "use Duolingo in a different timezone". They used to make sense and act as a challenge, but now they're silly and provide no real incentive to practice. Without this glimpse into the "legit" version of achievements, I wouldn't feel so frustrated.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or had A/B testing harm your motivation in some other way?

September 27, 2017



Same for me. Being on top of leaderboard, following friends, making sure all skills were golden at once...those achievements worked as incentives to practice. When I opened the app today, I saw "equip an outfit" and all the other silly achievements....that was rather dissapointing.


They are never going to stop A/B testing since it is one of the only way to see if features work or not. Motivation has to come from you otherwise it isn't really going to get you anywhere, try thinking about why you started learning Italian in the first place and use that as motivation because that will be a lot more difficult to change. In life real motivation comes from yourself and basing your motivation on external factors never helps and often hinders.


I totally agree 100% about the internal motivation thing, but if you're going to have something listed as 'achievements', it should at least simulate the qualities of an achievement as much as possible, for the sake of the gamification of language learning, if anything. Would you classify changing duo's outfit as an achievement? It's more like; this thing was supposed to be like a fun little external motivation, but it's not at all. At least that's the way I'm interpreting it. ^&


Totally agree. I opened the app today because I finally had the time to practice, and I was confused and a little disappointed.


I think I am in the opposite group. I used to have achevements like "Equip outfit", "be in a different timezone" but now since about a week ago I have the "better" achievements about golden skills and leaderboards


There are currently around 714 A/B tests (not all of them for badges).

You and I have switched places. I had that set first. Now, I have the set you had first. So, Duolingo hasn't necessarily given up on your old set. They are just testing multiple options and collecting data to see which ones inspire people to study the most.

I have definitely had A/B tests that were counter-productive for me. And, that's why there are A/B tests before changes are rolled out for everyone. If there is one thing constant about Duolingo, it is change. We're in one huge online education laboratory. Fortunately, it comes with free language courses.

I hope we end up with a set of badges that works better for you. :)


I had the same thing happen. First I had different badge including dressing the owl. Then it was the badges with the leaderboard. Then yesterday for a few hours it was the badges with the owl which kinda irritated me since I did so many lessons trying to be first on the board yesterday.

Now today it back to the leaderboard. Lol. I don't know why they don't just combine into one group of badges. So all hope is not lost. Maybe they're already back for you.

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