"Ei sunt copii ai acelorași părinți."

Translation:They are children of the same parents.

September 27, 2017

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Why the "ai" (you have) after copii?


In the tips for this section: if the noun is indefinite or it has adjectives, you need to use the possessive article (a, al, ai, ale) before the genitive.


Could it be some sort of possesive?


It isn't 'you have', it is just a weird inclusion of the genitive case for plural masculine. We saw it pop up in previous lessons in a different form... Ai mei (mine), Ai tai (yours), Ai lui (his), etc. Now we have 'ai acelorași' which is, I believe, the same construct. It just looks more complex since it's larger and less familiar.


Nice observation!


when listening to the native speaker (even in the slow motion) it sounds to me like "copiii". In this sentence both could be possible "copiii" and "copii". In other words it is possible to guess the wrong ;).

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