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  5. 'der Bulle' vs. 'der Stier'


'der Bulle' vs. 'der Stier'

  1. What is the difference between der Bulle and der Stier?
  2. Can someone explain the meaning of der Ausschuss and das Ausschussmitlglied?

LG Jason

September 27, 2017



Hi Jason,

  1. It depends who you ask. Look at the discussion in leo https://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=53220&idForum=7&lang=de&lp=ende

  2. "Ausschuss" is a committee and "Ausschussmitglied" a member of it.

regards Angel


fun fact! :D

You can also say Bulle if you mean a policeman (don't say it in front of one, it is like an insult!)

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