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Occupation 1 questions broken


Not sure where to report this exactly, but several of the questions in 'Occupation 1' are impossible to answer.

Several times, one is asked to translate a profession ('cook', 'student' etc.) and the correct answer is a particular, gendered version of the profession ('kochin' etc.). BUT there is no way to know which gendered Duolingo is asking for. For example, 'der koch' is an incorrect translation of 'the cook'.

September 27, 2017



If they ask you to translate "the cook," Duolingo will accept either "die Kochin" or "der Koch." This applies to any profession/title that translates differently for male/female.


You would think that, but that is precisely what it does not do. I should add that this happens when using 'Strengthen skills' for the category mentioned above.


That's strange. It may be a new error that has arisen due to the changes they've been making to the site because I have never had that happen to me before.

If you're sure it's not because you used the wrong article (Duolingo grades the noun based on the article you use rather than the other way around - i.e. if you said "die Koch" it would say "Koch" is wrong rather than "die"), then I would report it.


Yes, it is not simply a wrong article. I have had the error multiple times.

How/where would you report it? I have clicked the 'report' button next to the question but it will only let me report that the picture is wrong.

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