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Does anyone else keep getting this? tu.8zPhLLQ3yaR8Q appears over and over as a student signing up in my classes with the code I give them. Thanks!

September 27, 2017



You may send an abuse or a bug report via the Duolingo Help Center


At what stage does that message appear? Is there anything else on the screen at the time? Are your students using an app, or the web interface? Do the students end up as members of your classroom after getting this message?


I don't know where it is coming from exactly since they are at home signing up. Thus far I just delete this member from the class.


Ah, ok. I think I'd misunderstood - I'd thought you were reporting an error message, but you're talking about a user who's joining your classroom. Anyone who has the code can join your classroom. Someone who has the code is being silly. There isn't much you can do about that except remove them from the classroom. I'd guess that if you block that user it will stop them re-joining the classroom - could you try that, and let us know whether it works?


That appears to be someone joining your class without creating a Duolingo account. I am a bit surprised that works... but the solution is probably to ask your students to make sure they're logged in before joining the class (on Duolingo, you can start doing lessons and such, without creating an account at first... my guess is that this student never got around to creating the account).


Thanks. That is useful. I could see them not following directions and just putting the class code in before they created an account.


Sean, just want to point out that there are many, many accounts that start out "tu.8zPhL" and end in different letters and numbers. The profiles of these users look different from other users' profiles, and often, although they are commenting on sentences that appear further along in the course, their profile will show a very small number of accumulated xp's. All of them may be perfectly legit, but they have just caught my eye.

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