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Are conjugation lists gone?

I was able to see conjugation of verbs when I hovered over them. Are they gone now?

September 27, 2017



They're available in "Words" if you click on any form of that verb it will come up with a little tab with things like pronunciation - click "more details" and a handy verb table pops up it includes Present, future and Past Imperfect I believe


but to directly answer your question yes when actually learning the translations - that feature seems to have disappeared


That's a pity. It was a very useful feature.

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Totally agree. It could not have been more convenient, having what you need exactly where you need it. I used to consult the conjugation tables so often. Needless to say that's not the case anymore. Compare the old time's 1-click access to the present hassle of opening the loooooong word list in a new tab, looking up the verb, sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not... Reminds me of an old saying: future ain't what it used to be.


The "Words" contain only one form of the verb. If I search for "venu" I won't find it; I have to know "venir". Besides I cannot open Words when I am doing the exercise becuase the links are also removed now. I have to remember to open up Words in a seperate page before going into the exercise. But why? Why did they discard this feature, it was very practical?

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