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Help With A Translation

I was recently reading a comment on Instagram an it said "Du ist Turkisch" The line translated to: "You're Turkish" I was wondering if I would be able to say it like that or not because I am pretty certain that it would be: "Du bist Turkisch" I would love to hear replys thank you!

September 27, 2017

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Türkisch is the language (with the capital T), so that sentence does not make sense.

If you want to say someone - You are Turkish, you would say it either: informally: Du bist Türke (for a man) or Türkin (for a woman)

or formally: Sie sind Türke / Türkin.

türkisch (with a lower case t) means Turkish - adjective, but that cannot really stand on its own, so you could say: du bist türkischer Mann / türkische Frau / türkisches Kind

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