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  5. "I rarely wash the dishes."

"I rarely wash the dishes."

Translation:Я рідко мию посуд.

September 27, 2017



What is the english transliteration for "wash"?


The problem is that nobody really knows, or so I've been told. Duolingo decides the rules of transliteration by itself, we have no power over it. I will write to the general Duolingo discussion, not only the Ukrainian course, and ask about it.

For now what I was suggested to use were these two sources:



There were several times when I tried to input a transliteration and couldn't find the correct version no matter what I tried... (I remember it happened with the sentence Мій друг)


Thanks. That is only one of at least five examples. I have tried to download Ukrainian to input the Cyrillic letters in, but my phone says no. I could swear I tried every possible English letter combination to compensate for it, but to no avail. I often quit the lesson and try another one within the same set to keep everything in my skill tree orange.


Same here! I tried mij/mii/miy/mi and druh/drug/drugh and I don't even know x) I'm considering trying to contact the "higher" circles of Duolingo to ask for one transliteration table to rule them all :')


... so I eat of the dirty dishes.


"зрідка" should have been accepted. In fact "рідко" is Russianism. In Ukrainian "рідко" means "liquid" and NOT "rarely".

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