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Level 25 reached again. woohoo!

Day 1409 I reached level 25 in English for spanish. Long time ago achieved it in the spanish for english. woohoo!

September 27, 2017

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And you just taught me a new word. Enhorabuena. Same as felicidades. Thx


I learned that word from the Nike+ run app. I switched the voice to Spanish then heard the word which I thought was en hora buena. I thought Nike+ was telling me that I made good time (hour) after breaking a personal record.


wow, congrats! I will soon reach level 19 and I have estimated that to reach level 25 at the rate of 10 XP per day, I will need 5 years! You must be doing a lot of lessons per day! Good job!


That's great! What were your experiences with doing the reverse tree?


The reverse tree Eng for Sp is different. More words, more complicated sentences. So this helped with my learning Spanish. In that course, it is assumed you are a native spanish speaker learning english. Hence the difficulty at times. And there way more lessons!. Enjoy


Oh and I have 10101 lingots and they are good for nothing. DUO should let me trade them a t-shirt. Ha


Felicidades! Eso sí es un logro. :-)


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