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"Let's not leave too much food."

Translation:음식을 너무 많이 남기지 맙시다.

September 27, 2017



I answered perfectly. It said a word was missing.

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Please report.


I think 음식을 많이 남기지 맙시다 is also correct. Please check it and update it. Thanks


많이 just means a lot, but 너무 많이 means too much. That's why 너무 많이 is correct here.


Is the word order 너무 많이 음식을 남기지 맙시다 not correct? If so, why not?


너무 많다 - be too many/be too much

• when placed before a verb, it is used as "adverb" modifying this verb (intensifying its meaning).

Adverb form of 너무 많다 = 너무 많이

너무 많이 남기다 = Leave too much behind

• when placed before a noun, it is used as "adjective" describing this noun.

Adjective form of 너무 많다 = 너무 많은

너무 많은 음식 = excessive/aplenty food

So, your suggestion:

너무 많은 음식을 남기지 맙시다 = Let's not leave behind the excessive (~spare) food

That's not what the example try to convey which is,

음식을 너무 많이 남기지 맙시다 = Let's not leave excessively (too much) food behind.


Thank you for the explanation


Yes it is incorrect, because in Korean the sentence structure is Subject+verb or Subject+object+verb therefore the subject goes first. In this case the subject is food. It sounds more natural this way.


음식, meaning "food," is in this case (as you can see by the ending of -을) an object - not a subject.


Is it okay to use 많이 너무 in the same sentence? Sounds ineffective to me


너무 많이 is very common and natural, it's like an emphasis on too much


너무 and 많이 are both adverbs, but you can think that 너무 modifies 많이. It's like you don't say 'much too'.


What is the difference between ending in 십시오 and 시다?


• -(으)ㅂ시다 - propositive mode. = Let's / Shall we

This pattern is used to make suggestion or an order to a group of at least two speakers in which the speaker is included.

e.g. 점심 식사합시다 - Let's have lunch

• (으)십시오 - Imperative mode, polite but officious style = Do ...

This ,pattern implies an instruction, command or recommendation.

e.g. 거기 서 계시지 마시고 앉으십시오 - Don't stand there, do take a seat.


I am writting the right way but tells is wrong


Why is "너무 많은 음식을 남기지 마요" wrong?


"너무 많은 음식을 || 남기지 맙시다" implies:
There is too much food. Let's not leave that behind.


"음식을 너무 많이 남기지 맙시다" means: There is food. Let's not waste too much of it.

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