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  5. "Čeká na mě dvacet dva holek!"

"Čeká na dvacet dva holek!"

Translation:Twenty-two girls are waiting for me!

September 27, 2017



Why is it not "Čekájí"?


When there's a number above 4, I believe the number starts to be treated like the subject of the sentence, so third person singular is used.

BTW.: It's "Čekají"! :)


I'm sorry. I don't understand. if 22 is treated as the subject. isn't it still plural and deserving cekaji and not ceka?


No, it is treated as singular. Similarly as adverbs of quantity (málo, hodně,...). It is one number.


Okey dokey.


Why can't it be "on me"?


That would suggest that they are servants.


I wrote: Twenty two girls are waiting for me. That was marked as being wrong, but the only difference is the fact that I omitted the hyphen and the exclamation point...


We have no such report in the system, you have to make reports. The hyphen or any other punctuation should not be obligatory in Duolingo.


The "report" flag did not respond, which is why I posted it here.


"Twenty two girls are waiting for me" tests fine, so it should have been accepted, even without the punctuation. Grading bug possibly, but no way to say for sure.


I got the hyphen and the exclamation point in an "alternative translation," so no reporting.


What do you mean by "alternative translation,"? So was your answer accepted or not? What was your answer? Where is the problem?


No problem, sorry. I just wanted to point out what might have happened to Venik 212.

What happened to me was that I wrote the English translation without the hyphen and without the exclamation point. It was accepted but the same text with hyphen and exclamation point was presented as an "alternative translation." Which is fine. And of course there was no "should be accepted" reporting item, as the answer already had been accepted.

It just does not explain why Venik's solution was rejected – if that is what he meant by "marked as being wrong."


Yes-- it was marked as being wrong-- but it is always possible that I missed something else that was wrong with my answer. I was wrong once, and this might have been the second time...

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