"Čeká na mě dvacet dva holek!"

Translation:Twenty-two girls are waiting for me!

September 27, 2017

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Why is it not "Čekájí"?


Firstly, the third person plural is "čekají" (short a).

Secondly, you need a singular verb with numbers above four. These are followed by a noun in genitive and hence the number is the subject, not the noun. And the verb shall be in singular.


Why can't it be "on me"?


That would suggest that they are servants.


I wrote: Twenty two girls are waiting for me. That was marked as being wrong, but the only difference is the fact that I omitted the hyphen and the exclamation point...


Is there any reason Czech enforces a distinction between "mě" and "mně" when they sound the same and mean the same basically? I know English has many examples of words sounding the same ("road", "rode", "rowed") but they each mean quite different things. Thanks


They don't mean the same thing just like "I" and "me" don't mean the same thing or "holky" and "holku" don't mean the same thing, they are different cases.

It's true that they have evolved to sound the same, but that doesn't make them the same and the spelling still reflects it. Czechs make mistakes in using these, too.


Thanks. But Duolingo won't pass such mistakes as a "typo" which it would for example if I missed off the accent.


If the "typo" is an actual different word in the translate-to language, Duo (generally) thinks "wrong word!" rather than "oops, just an unfortunate accident." (And owls are supposed to be so wise...)


I know, that's tough, but not something we can do anything about.

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