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Correct responses marked wrong

Hi, I've occasionally had a glitch in the past where something I'm pretty sure was right was marked wrong, but always before when I was asked to repeat it it was marked as correct. I assumed in those cases I'd made some kind of typo (since the response on my app covers my original response I can't compare directly.) Well, today I was repeating an old, very simple lesson. One of the questions was the meaning of Qui. I typed who and it was marked wrong, despite saying that the correct response WAS who. Same with another simple question which I know was right. Anyway, continued to the end and when the questions were repeated they were marked wrong AGAIN. This time, of course, I'd studied them carefully to be sure no spelling errors had crept in. Being unable to continue I just cancelled the session, but I'm so annoyed and frustrated I don't know if I want to continue.

Anyone else had this problem, and if so what did you do about it?

September 27, 2017



Apologies if this isn't what you're doing, but I've (many times) translated the phrase/word and been marked wrong for a correct translation, but it is when Duo is asking me to type what I hear (not translate).

Just a suggestion. Think I've also reported a few as "should've been accepted" erroneously.


I've had this problem a couple times but not very often. Make a screen capture and file a bug report.


There is no reason to feel frustrated. Either there is a mistake in the program and you must report it, to help Duolingo perfect its courses (it is for free, after all, so we can contribute a little by reporting mistakes), or you are mistaken.

First, we cannot trust your word. We need a screenshot for that. Or at least we need all the information that can allow us to reproduce the bug (skill, lesson, phrase).

Second, so far I have very rarely seen someone complaining about a real bug. In 99% of the cases, the person complaining about a problem was mistaken. The French course has been tested for years. It may not be totally free from bugs and mistakes, but pretty close.


The only time I've ever seen this (and not in the French course) was three times on Sept 8th and three times again on Sept 9th. My guess is that it was a result of some programming or other issues unrelated to a specific course. However, I could be wrong. I didn't report it as the errors resolved in a couple days. As I do have screen captures, maybe I should file a bug report. However, it doesn't appear to be a problem for me now and I don't know that anyone could reproduce it.


I've had it happen to me once but I thought I must have made a typo


In most cases, it probably is a typo or some other error. However, I double-checked all the screen captures and confirmed that my answer was correct and that they had all been marked incorrect erroneously. The report button wasn't working either, so I couldn't report it.

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