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"Další manželku hledat nechci."

Translation:I do not want to look for another wife any more.

September 27, 2017



"I don't want to look for another wife anymore."
My sentence, marked as incorrect, is the same as the given translation.


Not much we can do. You might want to take a screenshot next time this happens so we can forward up to technology but there really is not much we can do on our end....


Thanks! I really appreciate your helpful comments.


The order of "for another wife" and "any more" can be switched in English. More often I have heard it say with "any more" first.


I'm native AmE, and I've never heard anyone say "I don't want to look any more for a new wife" or "I don't any more want to look for a new wife," although the first option sounds a bit better than the second. But maybe I misunderstood your comment. In any case, the translation (currently) shown above -- I do not want to look for another wife any more -- is what I WOULD expect to hear.


In English, "any more" has the connotation for me that you are giving up on looking for a new wife, with a note of finality to it. "I don't want to look for another wife any more, I'm done." Is it similar in Czech, or is it more of a temporary meaning, e.g., "I don't want to look for another wife any longer today, but maybe in two weeks I'll come back to it?"


už nechci sounds finite


"I really don't want to look for another wife." Acceptable? Thx


No, "really" doesn't replace "anymore", they are completely different animals.

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