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"Descoperirea lui a schimbat vechile concluzii."

Translation:His discovery changed the old conclusions.

September 27, 2017



starting from the expression "old conclusions" ... with its equivalent in Romanian " vechi concluzii " or "concluzii vechi "

when you want to stress such an expression by using the definite article ( "the old conclusions" ), you have in Romanian two possibilities to say that :

1) vechi-le concluzii

2) concluzii-le vechi

...... it means ...

you put the plural ending "-le" for the definite article either to the adjective or to the noun , but only to the first of them in the expression ...

not to both of them like for ex. in French ...


In French, you put the article in front of them and only once. "Les vieilles les conclusions" is really bad French.

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