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"Ve vašich obchodech čaj nekupujeme."

Translation:We do not buy tea in your stores.

September 27, 2017



Why not 'In your stores we don't buy tea'?


Is that how you'd say it in English if you weren't translating it? It sounds a bit weird to me.


As a native English speaker - it's somewhat awkward but depending on emphasis it is possible. For example if you're boycotting the stores then it would be "we don't buy tea in your stores." But you could say "In your stores, we don't buy tea. We buy other things there. We buy our tea in other stores." If that were what I wanted to say, is "Ve vašich obchodech čaj nekupujeme" an appropriate translation?


In case you were buying other stuff in the shop and it was only tea you were "boycotting", the Czech sentence would probably be "Ve vašich obchodech nekupujeme čaj.", putting the emphasis on the last word - that's quite common in Czech.


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