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"Kolik stojí jedna noc v drahých hotelech?"

Translation:How much is one night in expensive hotels?

September 27, 2017



"How much does one night cost in expensive hotels?" is identical in meaning to the given translation, and uses "stojí" to mean "cost" as is given in the original sentence.


Why not 'How much does one night at the expensive hotels cost'


Drop the "the" and you have one of the accepted translations. :)

'How much does one night at expensive hotels cost?'


So in Czech if you wanted to say "How much does one night at the expensive hotels cost," you'd add in a demonstrative? Like "Kolik stojí jedna noc v těch drahých hotelech?"

I thought that that would be more like "how much does one night cost at those expensive hotels," not "the expensive hotels."


I don't understand what the problem is. Either you talk about expensive hotels in general, so I don't use the definite article in English or you are somehow talking about a specific group of expensive hotels (doesn't really make sense to me) so you use it. Could you please clarify what do you mean by that sentence? Thanks!


So there are three levels of generality in English.

(1) "How much does one night in expensive hotels cost" is so completely unbounded that I am not sure when I'd ever use it - except if I were researching a book or something. You could be talking about any hotel in any city. And if you were asking this question you'd be far more likely to say "how much is a night in an expensive hotel," instead of using the plural.

(2) "How much does one night in the expensive hotels cost" is when you're planning a trip, and there are inexpensive hotels and expensive hotels. You want to know the price of the expensive hotels. You're not talking about a specific subset of them, any expensive hotel that's within the range of conversation is included.

(3) "How much does one night in those expensive hotels cost" is basically like #2, but you're only talking about a particular 5 out of the 20 expensive hotels in the city.

I'm much more likely to use Sentence #2 than either of the other two. The other two would be really odd situations.


Thank you for this comprehensive explanation! This Czech sentence is probably what you'd see in a research - basically as general as it gets. I agree that it's a borderline sentence but I think I'd use a demonstrative pronoun for 2) and 3) (say "Kolik stojí jedna noc v TĚCH drahých hotelech?") or rephrase it ("Kolik stojí jedna noc v těch hotelech, co/které jsou drahé?"). Hope this helps, happy learning!


I would say 'How much is it for one night in expensive hotels'.


The meaning is the same but try to translate as closely as possible including the syntactical structure.

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