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Other sites for learning?

Hello, I have recently started using duolingo and I have to admit I'm having a blast. I spend a very significant chunk of my free time on this app, and I can already tell it brings great results, I fell in love with this gamified learning experience.

My question is, do you know of any other sites that let you learn in a similar manner? I'm not talking about languages, as Duolingo covers that area pretty nicely, but things like history, philosophy, art, physics, science, chemistry - anything goes, really.

September 27, 2017



Tinycards and Memrise are good.


I'd have to strongly recommend Anki.

It's a very powerful flashcard system. It's probably the best flashcard program you can get, and a lot of people swear by this app, from learning vocabulary in a language to learning about the names of nearby stars or elements from chemistry.

I like this app a lot c:

Here's the link in case you're interested.


I use Anki everyday and would highly recommend it. I use it to supplement all of my duolingo learning, as well as any supplementary vocabulary I acquire along the way.


A new app just came out called Lingodeer does a very good job of teaching you Korean, Japanese, and Chinese in a way that is similar to Duolingo. It's available on Android and, just recently, iOS.


And Vietnamese will be available in "Spring 2018" :)


Try Khan Academy. It's mostly for mathematics, but there are other technical subjs. as well as some history and (IIRC) social sciences. What is especially nice about it is that many of the lessons are available in foreign languages. You can also find much of its content on YouTube.

Have you tried sites like Coursera?

(BTW, if you are only using what a Duo app offers, try the web/PC version. It's so much better.)


Wow, that looks really interesting! Ages ago I bought Susskind's book about theoretical physics, but my skills in mathematics and physics were too rusty to read it properly, I guess that can change now :) Thanks.


You're welcome. Have fun!

You may know this already, but sites like Coursera offer series of canned lectures ("classes") in such things; I don't know if you have to pay to access them nowadays or not. Some universities, such as MIT do as well, often gratis. Also, any of the HS/College series of review manuals will provide vital background, although they may not present quite everything you need. Schaum's is generally pretty good (speaking from a language perspective, however, not physics and math, with which I have no experience recently) and fairly inexpensive. Basically they provide lessons, exercises, and answer keys; if you can compel yourself to work through such, they are great.


What EmperorIguana said. Also, Quizlet is pretty great, but you have to make your own stuff.


Memrise and Drops. Memrise is a more conversational Duolingo, and Drops is all about vocabulary. With these three apps and a little immersion, you should master your language in no time.


Try Tinycards... :)


I don't know about learning websites, but there are probably some good learning games.

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