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"The box has a depth of half a meter."

Translation:Cutia are o adâncime de jumătate de metru.

September 27, 2017



I picked the above ("Cutia are o adâncime de jumătate de metru") correct answer on a multi choice question for this sentence and was marked wrong - it said "Cutia are adâncimea de jumătate de metru." was right. I know DL is usually pedantic so went for the indefinite article option which made me think Romanians might always use definite when describing the depth of something. Which option(s) is/are the truth?


It's either "Cutia are o adâncime de o jumătate de metru" or "Cutia are adâncimea de o jumătate de metru". "Adancime de jumatate de metru" is not correct. Also... although the word "adancime" in not wrong, it's not too popular with boxers either. I would rather use the word "inaltime" (interioara sau exterioara). The word "adancime" is mostly used to describe holes.


cutia are o adancime de o jumatate de metru - this was marked as wrong


It is correct. "adancime de jumatate de metru" isn't. It's like "adancime de sfert de metru" or "adancime de zecime de metru".


Still confused about when need to use o or un and when it can be left out - any guidance? I Thought it should be cutia are o adancime de o jumatate de metru but the DL answer leaves out o before jumatate

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