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  5. Can you help me out please?


Can you help me out please?

Mods and Admins: If this is not allowed, delete as soon as possible:

Hello! It's Duolingo Interviewer! I host interviews with duolingo users with Pranavamathi and Woof (for more information, view here!) But I have a problem with this: I can't find a way to interview users! I had a discussion for this purpose, but that sadly got deleted, and I had a different method, which turned out not to be allowed (no, I won't tell you what it was) I need a way to interview people, or this feature will have to stop and I'll have to deactivate! Do you have any suggestions for me?

Thank you!


September 27, 2017



I suppose you could try creating and posting a link to a Google form. I've never made one myself, but they're becoming increasingly popular for this sort of thing.

Edit for clarification: in case you haven't seen a Google form, it basically allows you to create an online form (surprise!) with multiple different questions that anyone who has the link to the form can fill out for you. You can pick the questions and whether people answer them through multiple choice or writing.


Or maybe a link to a discussion in the profile? That's my idea.


A link in their profile will be the best idea. I have a link that I've kept in my profile for the longest time and it's all fine.


Hmm... Are google forms free?


Yes, they're free. I use them all the time and haven't been charged.


yup, you just need to have a gmail to make one, i believe. Correct me if i'm wrong. Teachers use them all the time


Je pense que vous devez téléphoner à la société duolingo pour votre jeu. Do you speak french? If not, what I said was I think you need to phone the duolingo company for your game show.


What! There is nothing wrong with it.


I can read and write a tiny bit of French, but not enough to understand all of what you wrote, and I can barely speak it.

And why would I need to phone the Duolingo company?


I've seen posts about people wanting to get together to practice language learning, so the issue shouldn't be the interviewing part, or maybe the post can seem somehow off-topic.

I don't agree with it, so maybe speaking to the mods would help, I'm not sure :c


To be honest, I don't think I've seen anyone do this before. I don't see anything wrong with it, as long as the person you're interviewing is fine with it being posted and/or interviewed.

If you make a post every week or something, it should be fine. I mean, it's related to Duolingo, as it's about the users.

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