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  5. "그녀는 코트를 갈아입어요."

"그녀는 코트를 갈아입어요."

Translation:She changes her coat.

September 27, 2017



What indicates the possesive?


It's implied. Since she is the topic, it's natural the coat is hers unless otherwise specified.


나는 매일 옷을 갈아입어요 - translation is accepted as I change clothes every day. Without possessive here... Why is the translation to 그녀는 코트를 갈아입어요 "she changes coat" not accepted here? It is obviously implied that it is her coat she is changing... but adding "her" to "coat" is not mandatory as far as I know (UK-EN).


How would you say "she changes coats"?


That sounds like an exchange at a store since you say "coats" -> 코트를 바꾸다


Doesn't 갈아입어요 imply that the lady takes one coat off and puts another one on? She doesn't change the one coat she is wearing, she is actually swapping coats, no?


I think so. According to NAVER dictionary, to change A for B is A를 B로 갈아입다. Now, without the 로 part, naturally I'd assume that the new piece of clothes she's putting on is also a coat.


'She changes coat' without 'a/the/her' just sounds wrong to me in English. I don't know why though!

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