"Kde je teď půl třetí odpoledne?"

Translation:Where is it half past two in the afternoon now?

September 27, 2017

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? What does it mean at all

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probably like in which time zone... For example: "It's 9pm here, where is it 3pm now? - In New York."


Thank you! Now it makes sense finally


Same here :D after the explanation, it's clear, thanks


IMHO this is one of those sentences which are difficult to grasp (others would call it nonsense) and I strongly suggest to change it to make it more easy to understand.


Do you have anything specific to recommend?


If you ask me I'd drop at least "kde" which is very confusing to me in this context.


The sentence is asking: where (in the world) is it two thirty now? If you drop kde you are asking : is it two thirty now? Completely different meanings.


Thank you for your input. Suggestions for improvements may or may not be implemented, depending on whether and how well they will fit the teaching purpose of a given exercise. Next time, please be clear about what you want to suggest in your initial comment to avoid cluttering the discussion page. This exchange may be deleted in that interest.


"Kde" makes the sentence much more interesting. I did a double-take on first reading which made me focus on the construction. Please keep it. People learning foreign languages should be encouraged to be more globally savvy.


Yes, you're right. But at this point the explanation is voted up, so it works well.


I agree, I could not understand the meaning at first reading, so I looked in here for an interesting discussion. Keep the sentence as it is, with the explanation on top.


Kristine, we cannot make the explanation float to the top. Order is vote-based by default, and complaining is always more popular than explaining.


is time in cz on a 12hr or 24hr clock? would you say 2 in the afternoon or.. 14?


They do not use 24 hour clock in the Czech Republic, when speaking. There are of course digital clocks which show the time in 24h format, but normally people use 12h format when speaking. for PM you put "odpoledne" after the time and for AM "ráno", but only if you need to specify (i.e. if it's not obvious).


It may depend on the area because I hear people use the 24 hour clock here when speaking. Usually more for hour and half hour though.


I would say "ve dvě", "v půl druhé", but "ve čtrnáct dvacet pět" if I should specify some exact time.


Why not "tři" (three) rather than "třetí" (third)?


I guess in this construction it is "the third hour" (třetí hodina) whereas when stating the time it is "three hours" (tři hodiny).


So that would be the same with "pul ctvrte" vs. "pul ctyr."


Yes, correct is "půl čvrté".


The question is about a time zone. It is haft past seven in Paris but somewhere else in the world is half past two


If it says půl třatí it means half 2 because in Czech they say half TO 3 instead of half PAST 2


Ta věta je myšlena zeměpisně? (Sohledem na časová pásma?)


třeba, už se tu o tom diskutovalo.


but třetí is three!


That's how time is reported in Czech. Half past two = half two = půl třetí (half of the third hour).


Same in German. Halb drei = half past two. Viertel drei and dreiviertel drei also exist but are probably more likely to be heard in Southern Germany (in my experience)

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