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A new way to learn Chinese, Korean, and Japanese

Recently a brand new app has been released for android and iOS, and even though I'm sure everyone has seen posts about it by now, I can't stress how great this actually is. The app is called Lingodeer, and you can get it (completely free) from the GooglePlay Store and the App store for Apple devices. The company also hopes on making it accessible on the PC as well.

The app takes a Duolingo approach in style, but unlike the Duolingo app, you get in depth tips and notes for each lesson you have. The app has Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, and you can choose to write in either roman letters or the characters of the language you're learning. Unlike Duolingo, with which you have to pay for, you can download the lessons to learn offline for no charge.

There are a few kinks in the iOS app that I've found, like it doesn't download 100% the first time if you try and download the course, and for most users it appears that Chinese is already at 100%. But the app was just released for iOS yesterday, so I'm sure they will improve it in the future.

September 27, 2017



I'm so glad I have heard about this from you! Lingodeer sounds amazing! Maybe now I can actually learn Japanese and Korean, since those are the Asian languages I've tried learning in the past, but stopped. Thank you so much for informing us on this!


Does it have any type-in exercises, or does it just move around tiles, etc.?


Unfortunately it's just mostly move around the tiles.


Thanks for the information.

[deactivated user]

    Thanks! Looks interesting.

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