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App easier than website

I've been using Duolingo to polish my french for a almost three months now and I've already reached the more advanced skills. And then I started noticing that learning on the app is much easier than on the website. Though I don't have the speaking exercises (which I miss), composing a sentence by selecting words from a list makes it much easier an less prone to mistakes (or correct answers that Duolingo still doesn't accept). Am I the only one feeling this difference? Usually i can make a lesson at my first try on the App, but I have to try a similar one three or four times before i can complete it on the computer. Maybe the browser version should also have a pot of words.

March 12, 2013



The phone app is a bit easier. Just alternate often between the phone and computer app. It's nice to mix it up! :D


It is easier but I think it is an excellent option for using Duolingo on the go. Personally, I default to using the website because of the increased difficulty. If we consider that everyone who uses Duolingo actually wants to learn to use another language, having alternatives which exchange level of difficulty for convenience aren't such a big deal. That said, I would like it if I felt that I was gaining the same level education with the app as I do with the website whereas currently I don't.


Yes, it is easier. However, typing all the sentence with one finger on a soft keyboard is not much pleasure. Maybe there should be some other exercises, different from those on the site, but I won't be happy to type all my way through.


Yes, the app is way easier then learning on the website. Having the words to choose from, means you can guess at meanings and you don't have to worry about spellings, verb conjugations etc. Also the words are there to prompt your memory….. it's cheating a bit really! You learn more from the website.

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