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  5. "Jsem přítel tamtěch žen."

"Jsem přítel tamtěch žen."

Translation:I am friends with those women.

September 27, 2017



"I am a friend of those women" should be accepted


Just to confirm it was added soon after your comment if it was ever missing.


The phrasing of the answer here, while literal, is not natural. More common is to say you are a friend of his/hers/theirs, but that you are friends with these/those/them. Consider accepting both "friends with" and "a friend of".


I also like "friends with those women" much more, so I made it the main English translation. The reverse exercise will now be very hard because of the tempting but wrong "Jsem přítel s těmi ženami."


I just said, "I am those women's friend". Whatever else the merits and drawbacks, this translation has the virtue of avoiding the preposition altogether...

Also: I don't know what the original "main" answer was, but I'll just throw in my two cents to the effect that "I am a friend of those women" sounds fine to me.


I had this one as a Type What You Hear exercise, but if it had been a translation instead, I automatically would have gone with "I am a friend of those women" (which, as it happens, is also the literal translation). Easier, I think, than the "friends with" construction, though that phrasing would certainly be used in English, too.


I am friends... Does it correct English?!


Yes, "I am friends with X" is used very often.


Thanks i am surprised. I think that I can use only I friend because it is singular and I am only one person. Díky. Myslela jsem si, že můžu použít jen I am friend, protože jsem jen jedna osoba a friends je množné číslo.


For the structure "I am friends with" Google gives 418K quotes. For the structure "I am a friend of " there are 1 920K quotes-- almost 5X more common.


General Google search is extremely unreliable, use Google ngrams.


Reliable enough to see if something is more or less common.


You can say, "I am a friend OF that woman," but you cannot say, "I am a friend WITH that woman."


You may be right, but in this case your reference gives the same ratio.


From what I understand, pritel usually refers to romantic partners? should "i am the boyfriend of those women" be accepted?


When there are more then two persons involved přítel is usually really just a friend. When you refer a person of the opposite gender as "můj přítel", "moje přítelkyně", that is most often really a romantic partnership. I am not too sure about same-gender partnerships but I think they often say "můj partner", "moje partnerka" to make it clear they are more than just a friend (but partner/partnerka is used for straight partnerships as well.)


But if you had lots of girlfriends and they were standing in a group you could say "I am the boyfriend of those women" - "jsem přitel tamtěch žen". Although it is a little strange to say, grammatically it is correct., so I think it should be accepted?


Přátelé - vstoupím Vám do debaty. Nerozumím, proč se říká Iam friendS (?), ale správně česky je buď 1) Jsem přítel tamtěch žen nebo 2) Přátelím se s tamtěmi ženami.


To, co se říká česky, s tím přece nemá nic společného. Jde o to, co se říká anglicky. https://www.helpforenglish.cz/article/2015091101-friends-mates-buddies


Došla jsem k tomu znovu - děkuji za odkaz, perfektně vysvětleno.


What about "I am those girls' boyfriend"?


See my answer to Penny.

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