"Jak dlouho trval ten zápas?"

Translation:How long did the match take?

September 27, 2017

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"How long was the match" works perfectly in English and is actually the way I would say it anyway.


Then you would say "Jak dlouhý byl ten zápas?", a different sentence. The Duolingo format of direct translation puts limitations on the creative freedom allowed in the answers. Another user might prefer "What was the duration of the match?" Lines have to be drawn.


I would in UK generally use the word game for rugby, football, waterpolo but match for tennis. It does seem interchangeable as i would sometimes refer to a rugby match or a game of rugby


How long did the game take?


Are you asking why it is not accepted? Or something else? Please use also the official reporting feature "My answer should be accepted." That is the main way to report. Even if you discuss it, do the report first.

I see a difference between a game and a match. At least in some sports they are not really interchangeable. But let's get more opinions.


In the US, "game" is probably used a lot more often than "match" because the most popular sports -- (American) football, baseball, basketball, and hockey -- are all referred to as "games." But other sports are played as a series of "games" (or sets) which together make up a "match."


Match added. Confusingly enough, in one other sentence it was not only already accepted, but even in the main translation inside the [match/game] option. I think that might have been inadvertent so I removed it.


All set then.... game aaaand.... match! :-)

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