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  5. "제가 어떻게 수수께끼를 푸는지를 알았어요."

"제가 어떻게 수수께끼를 푸는지를 알았어요."

Translation:I knew how to solve the riddle.

September 27, 2017



It said "I knew 'out' how to solve riddles"??? That needs to be fixed


I think 'knew out' or 'figured out' would be more natural too


Since there are two -를 nouns, is one a direct object and the other indirect? Is this syntax common? I don't think I've seen it yet.


The object is associated with the first verb that follows (since verb phrases always end in a verb). So in the first case the object is associated with 풀다 and in the second case it is associated with 알다. AbbyCW is right in that you usually see ~지 알다/모르다 not 지를 알다/모르다 but 지를 shouldn't be that surprising since it essentially replaces 것을 when there's uncertainty. In this case, "how to solve the puzzle" is the object of the verb 알다 not "puzzle".


Will it change the meaning if you remove 를, or will it essentially stay the same, just with a slight change in nuance?


This is weird--I took a Korean class at Yonsei University in Seoul (just to prove I have some credibility haha), and I was NEVER taught to do this thing where you write ~지를 알다/모르다. We were taught to just write ~지 알다/모르다, so I have no idea why it's being taught this way. I went ahead and flagged the exercise as being wrong, but that being said, I could be wrong and sometimes Yonsei does teach antiquated grammar :/


It's says now I know how to solve a puzzle. But, which word is now?


Riddle -2019/07/12


Isn't 어떻게 redundant here?


It's a little redundant, but it sounds natural. I don't know how to explain that any better, though


I like a challenge. I think it's like saying "I knew how it/one solves the riddle" rather than "I knew what solves the riddle."


Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'm not sure though :-(


It's surprising that "I knew how to solve the puzzle " was marked as incorrect.


In the Korean phrase there is nothing to suggest one is refering to a specific riddle. For that reason, a more natural English translation would be "I knew how to solve riddles".


'I knew how to solve the riddle.' The answer should be 'I found out how to solve the riddle. '


Both are correct translations.

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