"Other houses are good"

Translation:Nyumba nyingine ni nzuri

September 27, 2017

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O.K. thanks but also our beloved Duolingo =D gives " zingine" in " Tips and notes". I like better to know ( without supposing ) if matter is about one or more...houses. =D


Ah, I didn't see that in the tips and notes. Yeah, personally, I like zingine and I think they should accept both.

Here are some articles about -ingine




Thank you :) I will look there in free time. Ah, kiswahili learning is such a absorbing and " eating" the time =D


I know. I love it! :-)


I like it too and usualy I learn languages myself. But I am the person which is interested in many things and simply I need to part my time between them and take the choise because for everything ln the same time....Is not anough time =D Salama :)


'Nyumba zingine ni nzuri' was not accepted as a translation for 'other houses are good'. Reported 17-03-2020


nyumba zingine - thanks of it is possible to recognize plural form.


Some people (including at least one president) do say zingine in class 10, but the prescribed standard form is nyingine as it is simply an adjective. Adjectives, like nouns, do not distinguish between classes 9 and 10.

There's a similar thing in class 5, where the standard form is jingine but some people use lingine instead, using the verbal rather than adjectival prefix.

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