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Memorizing "sein"

With a new school year underway and new students of German, I would like to present my yearly post (though I forgot last year!) including the poem I was taught in German 1 to memorize the conjugation of "sein". I hope beginning students and advanced learners alike find it useful, and I wish everyone a successful year with language-learning!

Ich bin hier,

Du bist da,

Er ist in Amerika.

Wir sind groß,

Ihr seid klein,

Sie sind an dem schönen Rhein.

English trans.:

I am here,

You are there,

He is in America.

We are big,

You all are small,

They are on the beautiful Rhine.

I love this little poem and love to share it every year! Tschüss!

September 27, 2017



Nothing more than to just study them the way you'd do with any other verb, but I find that last one a good point to show you will be AN the river and not AUF the river, as most people tend to say when they're near it. Schönes Gedicht, so sowieso.


Yes, when you're near the river, then you are "an dem Fluss". But when there are boats, they are "auf dem Fluss".

Auf dem Rhein fahren viele große Schiffe und Ausflugsdampfer.

And when you are on such a boat or ship, you would say:

Ich fahre auf dem Rhein bis nach Köln.

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