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Hey guys, It's me again ;)

I believe that their should be partner work that you can work together with someone on Duolingo. Duo meaning more languages, more people. Right? Also, their should be like class quizzes like on kahoot or quizziz where people in the classrooms can get action and try to beat their classmates scores.

What do you guys think?

September 27, 2017



There is something like that already, in the app at least. Duo calls them clubs. You can have fifteen people (including yourself) in a club, and you can comment back and forth, share funny little smiley face things, and try to beat each other's XP scores for that language. Whoever wins each week gets a banner: 'So-and-so won last week's leaderboard!' or something like that.

I do wish Duo would bring clubs to desktop . . .


Thxs. I didn't know i learned something today


They're pretty neat! However, they are limited to fifteen people and the communication possibilities between members could be improved.


cant agree more. btw love the profile pic

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