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Not sure what language to learn

So before you say "choose whichever you want", I want to learn these all about equally, so I need someone to help me.

I have been studying Castilian for a while, and I am interested in picking up a third language, I started learning Japanese, but then started learning Portuguese.

I am currently deciding between Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic and Persian, so can you please give me your opinion on choosing between the languages?

I do not care about the usefulness.

September 27, 2017



Do you have the app? - Japanese

Do you not have the app? - Portuguese or Dutch (I suggest Portuguese)

This website sadly does not have either Arabic, Indonesian, or Persian. However, staff has said they are planning to add Arabic, people are working on an Indonesian course for Duolingo, but we know nothing about Persian.


I am open to using other resources.


Thanks, I'll have a look at these.


Woow well all of these seem really interesting, but Japanese is the most challenging i guess, and i know more and more people are interested in it so you would easily find someone to practice with :)


Here's my opinion: 1) Japanese, 2) Arabic, 3) Portuguese, 4) Dutch, 5) Persian.

Japanese and Arabic are both considered to be among the most difficult languages to speak if you're an English speaker, so I'd recommend them as rewarding challenges. Portuguese, Dutch and Persian are Indo-European languages so they're easier to learn if you speak English. Portuguese is really close to Spanish, which might actually make it difficult to learn since the two languages get mixed up for a lot of polyglots (including myself). Dutch is close to English, so it is presumably the easiest to learn out of that list. Persian is more difficult between, and I'd recommend it higher in the list if you're much more interested in Persian culture than Brazilian/Portuguese or Dutch culture. Also, Duolingo only currently offers Japanese (for the app), Portuguese and Dutch as of now, but don't let that stop you from learning Arabic or Persian if that's your passion.

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