"The boy has a tortoise."

Translation:Le garçon a une tortue.

September 27, 2017



Is there ever a way to tell if a word is masculine or feminine? Or is it just a matter of memorization?

September 27, 2017


There aren't really any fool-proof rules that work for every word, but there are at least some patterns and hints that can help you guess the gender. See here

September 28, 2017


Does it eat oranges or apples?

July 9, 2018


the said une is for girl and un is for boy and they just added une to a boy sentence . whos with me

October 4, 2017


The word 'tortue' is female

March 12, 2018


But how do you know which words are female/feminine and which are male/masculine??

July 7, 2018


You can't know, I'm a Hebrew speaker and it's the same.. A refrigerator is male and a washing machine is female. Maybe there are some methods of knowing which groups were given which gender and why.. But I don't think it's in this app

July 26, 2018


the tortoise is the girl not the boy. each object like people have genders. the tortoise is the "une"

December 1, 2017


Why 'a' not 'as'?

March 12, 2018


Because 'as' is used with 'tu' . For example, 'Tu as une chatte.' But with 'Il/elle/on', we use 'a', for example, "Il a un oiseau . De rien;)

July 9, 2018


What’s the difference between “le garçon” and l’garçon”? Someone plz tell me because of that mistake I got it wrong.

April 8, 2019
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