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  5. hello everyone im back!!


hello everyone im back!!

hey duolingo community, i was once a avid user of this site, i was on here 24/7 7 days a week grinding with my language learning, i made a lot of friends on this site and i helped a lot of people. I am happy to say that duolingo has helped me a alot in my language learning but sadly i had gotten into other things such as basketball and music making and friends and stuff like that and they have preoccupied all of my time so i had o time for duolingo, but im back and i am willing to get back on the language learning grind so if you guys can make a brother feel welcome and help him get his language learning back on track that would be much appreciated!!! :)

September 27, 2017



Same with me, I just started coming back on duo a week ago... I really miss talking to my friends. I'm Happy your back!


Here's a follow!


Welcome back. You returned at a time when duolingo is going through a transitional period of updates and A/B testing. I recommend you take a look at the history of posts and newest stickies to catch up on what’s been going on recently. Have fun resuming your learning process.


Hello! I am a comparatively new user, so I haven't seen you before. Anyway, welcome back! Duolingo's pretty different now, I have to say.


Yeah, that's what happened to me. Instead of learning languages on Duo, I learned how to write songs and play base and guitar, talking to my friends. Welcome back! :) I love playing Seven nation army on my base :) Good luck!


I would love to help! I am afraid I can't do much though, because I'm not learning any of the same languages. I will help if I can, though!

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