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How to write cluney in German (my nick name)

Now many of you probably haven't heard this word before. It's actually stolen from the Redwall books and spelled wrong. I was a big fan when I was young. But I was wondering how to write it in german. The 'u' has a long u sound as in moo. So I was thinking klüne. But I was wondering if anyone noticed any problems with that. I think the e might be a bit short. How do you make a long 'e' sound in German? It kind of sounds like when you say 'e' just by itself.

Thanks Regards, cluney

September 27, 2017



You would write it the same way. A name is a name, you cannot translate a name. A different thing would be if you wanted to transcribe or transliterate it into a different alphabet, but since German also uses Latin alphabet, you don't.


Thankyou very much.


That is, what I think, the correct way how names should be treated. In German (and I guess in many languages) it usually is.

But once you go to France, for example, you can see that they won't. They pronounce, and even write it in their own way. Sometimes even so much that I wasn't even able to figure out about which famous person or music band they where talking about until I saw the picture or it became very obvious by some unique characteristic. That is not only by listing to local folks talking, it can happen on the radio or television as well.


Hi Cluney,

Dsjanta is right. Normally Germans don't translate or adapt names. If a vowel should be spoken long we (usually) write it with an "h". Dehnen, Bohne, Fahne. If it is written with i we write (usually) "ie", biegen, Biene. But the german spelling is full of exeptions. So this is only a rough guideline.

best regards Angel


Thank you. This is very helpful.


you might spell it like "Kluni".


Maybe yea. Except I think if so more like Klüni.

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