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"Ville du kunne overleve melk og ost?"

Translation:Would you be able to survive on milk and cheese?

September 27, 2017



Could you say Kunne du overleve på melk og ost?


I believe so. Then again, I'm a Norwegian learner like you, so I may be wrong.


So I assume I the sentence is raising a question as in "Could ... ", it must use "ville" + the Past Participle kun to form the question. But I can say "Jeg kunne ha spist en hel hest!" without using the same rule?


I think actually it is 'ville' + the infinitive 'kunne', not the past participle. Since the translation is in the present tense, I am assuming it's the infinitive. Also the lack of infinitive marker (å) before 'overleve'. Not sure what rule you're referring to, but I believe the sentence you said is correct (to my knowledge).

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